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Bishop-Snow-Site-Plan.dwf 32k 2800 sf Hillside House with two large decks
Bishop-Snow-Foundation.dwf 53k Foundation Plan & Details
Bishop-Snow-Floor-Framing.dwf 23k Floor Framing Plan
Bishop-Snow-Main-Level.dwf 45k Floor Plan - Main Level
Bishop-Snow-Lower-Level.dwf 22k Floor Plan - Lower Level
Bishop-Snow-Roof.dwf 23k Roof Truss Layout Plan
Bishop-Snow-Electrical.dwf 48k Electrical Plans
Bishop-Snow-Sections.dwf 85k Sections & Details
Bishop-Snow-Elev1.dwf · pdf 24k Exterior Elevations · Photo-1 · Photo-2
Bishop-Snow-Elev2.dwf · pdf 22k Exterior Elevations · Photo-3 · Photo-4

Wright-Naegle-1.dwf 54k Specifications
Wright-Naegle-2.dwf 50k Foundation Plan & Details
Wright-Naegle-3.dwf 20k Floor Framing Plan - Main Level
Wright-Naegle-4.dwf 19k Floor Framing Plan - Upper Level
Wright-Naegle-5.dwf 52k Floor Plan - Main Level · dwg · xref
Wright-Naegle-6.dwf 26k Floor Plan - Upper Level
Wright-Naegle-7.dwf 29k Roof Framing Plan
Wright-Naegle-8.dwf 56k Electrical Plans · Photo 1 · Photo 2
Wright-Naegle-9.dwf 33k Cross-Sections · Photo 3 · Photo 4
Wright-Naegle-10.dwf · pdf 24k House Front & Left · Photo 5
Wright-Naegle-11.dwf · pdf 29k House Rear & Right · Pic 6 · dwg

WagonTrail-1.dwf 58k Specifications
WagonTrail-2.dwf 46k Foundation Plan & Details
WagonTrail-3.dwf 54k Floor Plan
WagonTrail-4.dwf 36k Roof Framing Plan
WagonTrail-5.dwf 62k Electrical Plan
WagonTrail-6.dwf 25k Sections & Details
WagonTrail-7.dwf · pdf 52k Exterior Elevations · Photo 1 · Photo 2
WagonTrail-8.dwf · pdf 28k Exterior Elevations · Photo 3
WagonTrail-SitePlan.dwf · pdf 35k Site Plan

Bowden-House-1-Specs.dwf 56k Specifications & Notes
Bowden-House-2-Foundation.dwf 40k Foundation Plan & Details
Bowden-House-3-BCI.dwf 36k Floor Framing Plan
Bowden-House-4-Floor.dwf 50k Floor Plan
Bowden-House-5-Roof.dwf 28k Roof Truss Layout Plan
Bowden-House-6-Elec.dwf 49k Electrical Plan
Bowden-House-7-Sections.dwf 157k Sections & Details
Bowden-House-8-Elev-A.dwf · pdf 32k Exterior Elevations · Photo
Bowden-House-9-Elev-B.dwf · pdf 20k Exterior Elevations

Laredo-House-2-Foundation.dwf · pdf 36k 3000sf ADA equipped house · Photo
Laredo-House-4-Floor-Plan.dwf · pdf 51k Floor Plan · Photo
Laredo-House-6-Elec.dwf 49k Electrical Plan
Laredo-House-8-Elev.dwf · pdf 19k Exterior Elevations
Laredo-Grading-Plan.dwf 47k Topographic Site Plan

6-Bedroom-2-Foundation.dwf · pdf 40k 6 bedroom house · Photo
6-Bedroom-3-Floor-Framing.dwf 22k Floor Framing Plan
6-Bedroom-4-Floor-Plans.dwf 56k Floor Plans
6-Bedroom-5-Roof.dwf 30k Roof Truss Layout Plan
6-Bedroom-6-Electrical.dwf 54k Electrical Plans
6-Bedroom-7-Sections.dwf 27k Sections & Details
6-Bedroom-8-Elevations.dwf · pdf 53k Exterior Elevations
6-Bedroom-Site-Plan.dwf 32k Topographic site & grading plan

Eagleridge-2-Foundation-BCI.dwf · pdf 44k Foundation Plan & Details
Eagleridge-3-Floor-Plans.dwf · pdf 64k Floor Plans
Eagleridge-4-Roof-Framing.dwf 28k Roof Truss Layout Plan
Eagleridge-5-Electrical.dwf 44k Electrical Plans
Eagleridge-6-Sections.dwf 25k Sections & Details
Eagleridge-7-Elevations.dwf · pdf 17k Exterior Elevations

Bishop-Scully-Elev.dwf · pdf 25k 3 Bedroom house · Photo 1 · Photo 2
Smith-Deck-Plan.dwf 159k Deck/Carport combination · Photo
Simpson Load Path 74k wind shear animation
AutoCAD DWG Details 5998k for Residential Wood Frame Construction
3 bedroom house plans.dwg 344k 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 1638 Sq Ft, with covered deck
3 bedroom house plans floorplan.pdf 252k Floor Plan
3 bedroom house plans elevations.pdf 208k Exterior Elevations
3 bedroom house plans floorplan (alternate).pdf 210k Alternate Exterior Floor Plan
3 bedroom house plans elevations (alternate).pdf 257k Alternate Exterior Elevations

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